The Special Features of Srirangam Temple

Features of Temple

Special Features

The grand complex continues to be home to special features that are great examples of civic facilities for locals and visitors. These include water tanks and granaries. It is also home to several temple chariots that play an integral role during festivals and special occasions.

Of the temple’s 12 major water tanks, the surya soc, named after the sun and chandra pushkarani, after the moon, deserve a special mention in every guest’s itinerary. Together, these two water tanks can hold as much as two million litres. The complex is also home to multiple granaries. This ensures the temple kitchen is well-equipped to serve visitors, the lesser privileged as well as the local population.

Temple chariots such as the Garuda vahana, Simha vahana, Hanumantha vahana, and Sesha vahana are some of the most significant ones present in the temple complex. These play an especially important role during festivals and occasions.